Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Famous WNBA spoof

Sideshow's been raving about this little video for a couple of weeks now, so I thought I should post it on the site.

Here it is:


You heard them today on the air, now see them in cold hard writing here on the website!

Scoff at Sideshow's picks, or ridicule Luke for his absurd upset specials!!

Don't dare cross Matt's picks cause you know you'll be sorry when it's all said and done. (Cause all my picks were conservative (ref: smart))

So without further a due, here are your 2008 Playoff Predictions:

Series #1 - Detroit vs Nashville
Sideshow - Nashville (with the upset special)
Luke - Detroit
Matt - Detroit
Series #2 - San Jose vs Calgary
Sideshow - San Jose
Luke - San Jose (despite his urges to pick Calgary)
Matt - San Jose
Series #3 - Minnesota vs Colorado
Sideshow - Colorado (since Sideshow is so old, he thought Colorado was more familiar)
Luke - Minnesota
Matt - Minnesota (but I wouldn't be surprised if Colorado pulled it out)
Series #4 - Anaheim vs Dallas
Sideshow - Anaheim
Luke - Anaheim
Matt - Anaheim

Series #1 - Montreal vs Boston
Sideshow - Montreal
Luke - Montreal
Matt - Montreal
Series #2 - Pittsburgh vs Ottawa
Sideshow - Pittsburgh
Luke - Pittsburgh (6 or 7 games)
Matt - Pittsburgh (5 games)
Series #3 - Washington vs Philadelphia
Sideshow - Philadelphia (Sideshow just liked the movie so much, he had to pick the team)
Luke - Philly, (for another upset special)
Matt - Washington
Series #4 - New York Rangers vs New Jersey
Sideshow - New Jersey
Luke - New Jersey
Matt - New York Rangers

Sideshow - Montreal vs Pittsburgh (Montreal winner)
Luke - Montreal vs Pittsburgh (Montreal winner)
Matt - Montreal vs Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh winner)

Sideshow - Colorado vs Anaheim (Anaheim winner)
Luke - Anaheim vs San Jose (Anaheim winner)
Matt - San Jose vs Anaheim (San Jose winner)

Sideshow - Montreal
Luke - Montreal
Matt - San Jose