Friday, October 26, 2007

Jordin Tootoo makes me throw up.

How the hell does Steve Downie get suspended for 20 games for a "questionable" hit in the preseason, but Jordin Tootoo gets a pat on the back for the exact same hit in the regular season?

If someone knows the answer to the preceding question, please let me know, because I'm legitimately baffled. How does Colin Campbell go on record stating that Steve Downie's hit was illegal because he left his feet and aimed his shoulder at a players face and in the same breath tell the world that Tootoo's hit was exactly what the NHL wants to promote? THE HITS WERE EXACTLY THE SAME!!! They both charged a guy coming out from the back of the net. They both left their feet AFTER they made contact. And they both smoked the guy in the face with their shoulders. How are these hits different? Is the NHL trying to protect it's star players like Jordin Tootoo (please note: my tongue is planted firmly in my cheek)? If the NHL is trying to protect one of these players, it should be Downie...who actually might have a future in the league as more than a pest. Jordin Tootoo won't play on any better than the 4th line on any team. Ever. And that's if he isn't already a healthy scratch. They don't even want him playing with their AHL affiliate. Downie might actually play on a 3rd line somewhere. Or even a 2nd line.

The NHL needs to get it's act together and show some parity in it's penalty calling/suspensions. Either that or let morons like Tootoo ruin the league.

Friday, October 5, 2007