Thursday, March 6, 2008

2nd Round Pick???

For the record (and I'm sure I hardly need to put this on record), I am an avid Montreal Canadiens fan. I live and breathe Habs. When they win, life seems a little sweeter. When they lose, even McDonald's tastes stale. Recently, I've not had a mind for McDonald's.

The trade deadline came and went this month with a few big moves hitting the headlines. 'Richards dealt to Dallas' or 'Hossa to the Pens' among others. The only deal my Habs were involved in would have had a title similar to this one: 'Montreal Acquires Sack of Hammers in exchange for All-Star Goalie'.

For God's sake. Huet for Washington's 2nd round pick? Don't tell me Gainey is illiterate, too. At least then he would have a passable excuse:

George McPhee - Hello Robert, it's George. How you doing?

Bob Gainey - Uh...not bad, George. And please, call me Bob.

GM - Sure. No prob...Bob...~ahem~, anyways I hear you're looking to get rid of that Huet character.

BG - Actually, no I'm not...

GM - ~interrupts~ Because, you see, I've got some players/draft picks I've been looking to get off my hands. For instance, that Ovechkin character has been getting on my nerves. ENOUGH WITH THE TOOTHLESS GRIN ALREADY! WE GET IT! YOU LIKE SCORING! Not to mention our 1st round picks in '08 and '09. How's that sound

BG - Holy Sh!t!! Are you retarded?...I sure do drive a hard bargain, George. Tell you what, you send the papers over and I'll have a look at them.

Of course this is the part where Bob Gainey can't read, signs off on the trade and McPhee pulls the wool over his eyes.

I have no idea if this actually happened but I can't think of another reason this transaction was made. Pull your socks up, Gainey. And go back to grade 2.