Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tiger Torching

With Dontrelle Willis now signed to a 3 year deal, the Tigers are undeniably the greatest team in baseball. With a rotation that already boasted the likes of Justin Verlander, Jeremy Bonderman, Kenny Rogers and Nate Robertson, the Tigers instantly made themselves fall classic contenders by bringing in the two biggest names on the block in baseball. (Willis and Cabrera)

The rotation of the Tigers will dominate barring any injuries, and not just because they're young and studly, but because they now have three left handed arms. Verlander and Bonderman proved two years ago to be among the most devastating pitchers in the league, with a solid complement of Rogers and Robertson. Bring Willis into the equation and things will get even rougher for opponents.

The only rotation that will rival (and maybe surpass) the Tigers rotation will be the RedSox, and that is only if they are able to rob the Twins blind and somehow bring in Santana.

Adding Willis to the mix was one thing. Also bringing in Cabrera? That's the dagger in the heart. Not only will the Tigers shut teams out with solid pitching, (not just from the starters but from the pen too), they will be able to put up incredible runs. It will be scary to see a guy like Cabrera at the plate in situations where he actually has some protection; not like the Marlins who tried to protect him with Ramirez and Willingham (seriously??). Put Cabrera between Sheff's and Ordonez, and the guy will light it up.

The Tigers will outscore every opponent, and shut down even the best lineups, and THAT's why the Tigers will be the best team in baseball in 2008.

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